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From a young age, stereotypes are ingrained in our minds through TV shows and movies we watch. From the typical "jock bully" to the stereotypical "hero" trope, it is easy to see a stark difference in how these characters are perceived. These stereotypes are ingrained in our brains and have become so normalized to us as a society, we may not even realize that we are doing it in our own personal lives.

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It all began, as most things do in life, by taking a chance. In my first year in college, I was a music major struggling to find enjoyment and a passion that I thought I had in the years before. I would sit in a practice room with a blank stare, telling myself I would “practice in five minutes.” Five minutes turned into 10, 10 turned to 15 and so on.


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We are only getting closer and closer to “Avengers: Endgame” day by day, and with that, new theories are being thrown out as much as fans are getting excited about the new film. Before I go ahead and add my speculation as to what is going to happen in the new film, I should start by going over what happened in “Avengers: Infinity War.”