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Alex Sunsin, a junior film major from Dallas, presented his photography work in the spring show and won first place, along with a $200 cash prize. The second place winner was Sarah Jentsch, an art major from Etoile, and third place was Madeline Castillo, a sophomore from League City.



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After another semester of hard work, it’s almost that time of year again: finals week. When you have the pressure of pending exams and deadlines looming over your head, it’s hard not to get so wrapped up in studying that the idea of taking a break doesn’t even come to mind. However, we can’t forget that it’s important to let ourselves relax when needed.

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In the age of technology, communication is easier than ever. A message can be sent halfway around the world in a matter of seconds, and friends can reconnect decades after having lost contact. However, as incredible as it is, technology also has given people a chance to act without experiencing the consequences that would accompany their behavior in the real world.