SFA Women’s Basketball Coach receives conference Coach of the Year award

After a successful 26-4 2021-2022 regular season, SFA’s Women’s basketball Coach Mark Kellogg received the Western Athletic Conference Coach of the Year award. 

This award was not Coach Kellogg’s first as he previously received the Southland Coach of the Year in the previous 2020-2021 season. Kellogg has been with SFA since 2016 and has had much success with the team thus far.  

His first year with the Ladyjacks the team ended up third in the Southland Conference, second place in the Southland Conference tournament and appeared in the Women’s Basketball Invitational. His success continued to grow with the team every year and in the 2020-2021 season the team made it to the NCAA first round. After the regular season this year, the Ladyjacks clinched another spot in the NCAA after winning the WAC tournament in Las Vegas defeating number four, Utah Valley and number two Grand Canyon.  

With COVID-19 still prominent this season, many injuries and the Ladyjacks being put into a different league, a lot of learning and adjustments had to be made but Kellogg and the team pushed through.  

Senior Guard Stephanie Visscher and Senior Guard Brianna Mitchell both described Coach Kellogg as a great coach and a family man who always prepares the team as best as they can for all their games. Visscher came from Sweden to play basketball here at SFA which was a big adjustment for her to make.  

“One reason I was ready to take that leap was because of Coach Kellogg and the trust that I felt coming from him. He really cares about you as a person off the court which I think is very important. We go through so many workouts, conditioning, weights and hours of practice. Having a coach that understands that you are actually a person off the court and understands that piece of it is extremely important,” Visscher said.  


With this being the second time the team is going to the NCAA tournament the team is feeling excited for what is to come. “The plan is to advance. We don’t just want to be participants. It’s an uphill battle. North Carolina is a really good basketball team and they are ranked for a reason. I think we drew so much confidence now going back knowing that we have an opportunity to truly advance. The next step for our program is to advance and once we do that I think our confidence will grow and grow. You have to win one before worrying about the next,” Kellogg said. 

The Ladyjacks went up against number five North Carolina in Tucson Arizona on Mar. 19 in the NCAA tournament. The final score was 79-66 with UNC taking the lead. 

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His father must be so proud

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