A comfortable murmur fills the space as friends vent about their week, couples giggle over guacamole and a large party seats itself at the center table. From the kitchen wafts fresh smells that make everyone’s stomachs rumble: cilantro, sizzling beef, fresh pico de gallo. Taquitos al Jaliscience is back in business. 

Taquitos al Jaliscience, an authentic Mexican restaurant in Nacogdoches, moved locations in August. Instead of the remodeled gas station where they found their origin, Jaliscience is now located near Cotton Patch on North Street. 

“We’re having parties of 40 making reservations now,” Cook Jose Gomez said. “College students, they like tacos. It’s something simple and good.” 

Jaliscience is a family-run business. Owner Arce Gomez and Jose moved from Chicago over a decade ago and began selling tacos from their house. They opened Jaliscience in a gas station in 2014, where they stayed until 2021. 

“[Jaliscience] gives you the homey feel,” grad student Sarah George said. “My favorite thing to get is the pastor tacos. I don’t think I ever had authentic Mexican food until I came to Nacogdoches.” 

In 2019, the Gomez family purchased their current location, which used to house Barnhill’s. They spent the last two years renovating the space and officially opened mid-August. 

“I saw the opportunity to move to Barnhill’s and we did, because it’s a bigger and better place,” Jose said. “Everything’s falling into place [at the new location], little by little.” 

The menu includes several authentic Mexican food options, such as tacos al pastor and horchata, a rice drink. To-go is also available via phone call. 

“It’s the only place that provides horchata, which is really good,” graduate student Anabelle Guevara said. “When I first came here, they used to have a to-go place that was really small, and then they expanded to a little bigger, and now this place is huge. I love how the culture is present, and I appreciate that as a fellow Mexican.” 

See our "Nac Hit the Spot" YouTube video on Taquitos al Jaliscience at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK51ri5bbnI

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