Starting Sept. 5, the Steen Library has changed its hours from its previous schedule. While previously all floors were accessible at the same time, now the second and fourth floors will be closing at 10 P.M. 

There were several reasons the library was prompted to change their hours. Beginning this fall, the library has opened the first floor for 24 hours Monday through Thursdays. With this new option being accessible to students the 2nd-4th floors will be closing at 10 pm.  

“We are thrilled to finally be able to provide that 24-hour space on the first floor of Steen Library, Library Director Jonathan Helmke said. 

Despite the first floor extending its hours, many students rely on the upper levels to truly decompress and get into their studies. 

“I think the library hours should go back to how they were last year,” junior speech pathology student Meghan Redding said. “I can only make it to the library around 8:30 p.m., and I can never get to the floors I need to because the elevators are turned off.” 

However, with the cut in the library's budget, they are not able to employ the proper amount of staff to monitor the upper levels. 

“The library had a cut in the student worker budget that provided workers to safely keep the entire building open as it was last spring,” Helmke said. “We looked at usage data and other key markers and set the hours to keep the building open as much as we can, and in a safe manner, based on this budget.” 

During these 24-hour periods, the HUB as well as the computer lab will be accessible. All you will need is your SFA ID to enter the buildingFurthermore, with the first floor being open all-day the library staff hope to make students feel safe and secure while studying for upcoming exams. 

“The library is the place I like to study because it’s the only spot where I can actually focus on my work,” Chloe Dillard, a junior in accounting, said. “Since I have a busy school and work schedule, I need late hours in the library to get my schoolwork done. Because of the library times changing, it makes it near impossible to get any of my work done in the library.” 

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