Lumberjack football to face newly formed team from Lincoln University

This photo was taken at the SFA vs. Missippi Valley game on Sept. 18. SFA won the game 58-13.

The Lumberjack football team will be going up against Lincoln University this Saturday at SFA Homer Bryce Stadium. The team will try to continue their home game success and clinch a third home game win. 

 This is Lincoln University’s first ever football season. Lincoln’s current record is 1-2 with their first win being their last game played against Willamette University with a score of 34-9 on Sept. 18.  

 The Lumberjacks won against Mississippi Valley with a 58-13 win. This puts the Lumberjacks with a winning record of 2-1. 

 Senior quarterback Trae Self was able to pass off 214 yards and score two touchdowns in his past home game. 

 The Lumberjacks scored two touchdowns in the first quarter, while Mississippi Valley stayed scoreless until putting up a field goal. The team continued to add to the scoreboard, scoring three touchdowns in the second quarter and two more in the third quarter. 

 Mississippi Valley was able to put up one more touchdown in the second quarter as well as a field goal. This was the last score added to the board from MS, making the third and fourth quarters a shutout from SFA.  

 The Lumberjacks added a final touch with another touchdown in the last quarter.  

 For this Saturday’s game, we can expect to see Self as the starting quarterback again. 

 The game will be held at home at 6 p.m on Sept 25. The game will be live on ESPN+ and updates will be provided on Q107.7.  

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