Students meet to discuss forming accountability organization for administrative answers

A group of students met on Oct. 12 to discuss forming an official organization that will focus on holding the governing and administrative bodies of SFA accountable for the decisions that they make. 

This meeting came after much frustration stemming from the recent budget issues. The group's main concern is the feeling of lack of involvement, communication and transparency from the administration.  

The group is looking to get more involvement from the student body before making the decision to become an official organization. The group encourages anyone who is passionate about the University to become a member. 

Some students who put together this meeting were also the creators of the petitions for budget clarity back on Sept. 10. Senior physics major from Nacogdoches Nikolai Vankley and senior biology major from Nacogdoches Amethyst Hamanaka led the meeting. 

“Decisions are made by the administrative body without any input from the faculty and definitely not the students,” Vankley said. That’s a problem. As a University the students and the faculty do need to have a say and take part in the making of these decisions.” 

Vankley said the group sides with the faculty and feels that “The faculty has been walked on for years. Now, we are to the point where it’s like a decree.”  

The group plans to put pressure on the administration through exposure and research what is happening rather than focus on rumors. The plan set is to find an interim representative from each college as well as elect officers to lead the group.  

Since the group isn’t an official organization as of right now, the students have a GroupMe where they discuss questions and concerns. There are over 120 members in the group. 

The students plan to host another meeting next week.  


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A link posted to the GroupMe chat would be great!

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