Votes were cast to elect the newest student body senators on Monday and Tuesday. 

 The number of class senators for each class is determined by class size. Student Government Association allots one senator per 600 students. Who gets put on the ballot is based off various factors, such as GPA and scheduling conflicts. There were around 25 applications to be an SGA senator. 

For the graduate class senatorUdeme Ekanem was elected.  

 The elected junior class senators are Brent Barber, Carmen Cervantes, Mohab Khorsid and Angelia Rocha. 

 The elected sophomore senators are Wyatt Cookston and Jacquelyn Martinez.  

 The elected freshman senator is Mehki Powell. 

 One of the duties of a student body senator includes addressing matters that concern the student body by presenting legislation in the SGA biweekly senate meetings. The goal is to improve student experience and address ongoing issues with utilization of funds from the SGA budget. These senators also hold the responsibility of making recommendations to the University administration regarding the formulation or alteration of University policies. 

 Speaker of the Senate Hayden George said he is “very excited for [the] new senators to finally join [the senate] this semester.” 

 “The committee chairs and I have been making a lot of great plans to improve the experiences on campus, as well as a few volunteer opportunities to help the Nacogdoches community,” George said. He also said he has high expectations for the new senators.   

 “We are in the works of developing the future vision of SGA and how we want to succeed as an organization,” George said. “I’m expecting an abundance of initiatives and ideas from our senators and look forward to working with them.” 

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