It’s been a little over a year since COVID-19 sent us into lock down. That means it’s been a little over a year since The Pine Log went digital, so we wanted to take a moment to reflect on this change.



First, it’s sort of bittersweet to think about the things that went away with paper printing. Now that we don’t stock newsstands across campus every week, we no longer spend our Tuesday nights in The Pine Log office, laughing, designing pages and getting to know each other. 



Some of our current editors never had that experience, which is a bummer on its own. Through virtual meetings and instantaneous posting, the comradery of being part of The Pine Log has changed. It’s still there, of course, it’s just different now. Instead of being in the office with each other all night once a week, we commiserate and laugh over Zoom. It’s an experience we don’t want to give up, but it’s difficult to not miss what we used to have. 



We still have the same shared experiences, but so much has changed. There are good things that came with the change too.  



When paper publishing went away, we got experience working under pressure to continue being the independent voice of SFA. We learned, albeit the hard way, what works and what doesn’t, and that helped us to create a more efficient publication that will benefit more people in more places than just on campus. 



Through it all, we are so glad to have the experience of an online publication. With the prevalence of social media, we feel more connected with the University, its students and the community.  



We’ll always miss the feeling of a fresh newspaper after a long night of designing pages, but there is still so much satisfaction with being able to change with the changing times. 


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