SFA Board of Regents decides not to revoke President Scott Gordon's contract

The Board of Regents held their executive session meeting in person on Sept. 27. 

The Board of Regents held its second executive session meeting in person on Sept. 27 to decide if Dr. Scott Gordon’s presidential contract should be revoked; after an eight and a half hour private executive session, the Board determined Gordon’s contract would not be revoked “after careful consideration of all factors.”  

 “The Board recognizes that the relationship between President Gordon and the academic community currently is strained, and must be reestablished by both parties with mutual respect and cooperation in order for the University to fully achieve its potential,” Board of Regents Chair Karen Gantt said at the meeting. 

 Gantt spoke for the Board and said it recognized SFA faculty as the “primary driver of the University’s performance.” 

 [The Board] expresses its appreciation for the continuing efforts of the faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University to advance the quality of SFA’s instruction, operations and overall reputation,” Gantt said.  

 No further action was taken in the meeting, and there was no mention of any future plans to come.  

 "The Board is committed to greater accessibility and its own relationship with all sectors of the University community and affirms its own and the President’s accountability for promoting a campus culture of excellence and integrity,” Gantt said at the meeting’s closure. 

 This meeting follows the Faculty Senate meeting on Sept. 22 where a written response from the Board of Regents discussing President Scott Gordon’s standing, a vote to pursue an external audit, and how the board planned to increase communication among themselves and campus leaders was requested. 

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