The College of Fine Arts and School of Theatre are putting on productions of “Talking With” by Jane Martin at 7:30 p.m. in the Kennedy Auditorium April 20-24. 


The play is available to see in-person or over livestream. I saw the play in-person, and went into it having heard that it was a series of monologues, but knowing nothing else. 


The production was eight different monologues, ranging from a comical monologue called “French Fries,” performed by student Crayten Clendion to a very emotional monologue called “Clear Glass Marbles,” performed by student Adam Lamb. 


Each monologue was very well done, with every actor beautifully portraying every emotion their character was feeling, from rage to sadness, to frightening insanity. 


I also greatly appreciated the use of lighting and props that enhanced each monologue. In the monologue “Lamps,” performed by student Cole Skinner, the only lighting during the monologue is several lamps that the character turns on and off throughout his monologue. 


 In “15 Minutes,” performed by Fatimah Green, the character wants to see the audience, so the downstage lights are turned on. 


Overall, it was a very well done production, and I would highly recommend grabbing tickets to see it.

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