Lauren Roach and Naomi Carney were recently elected the new student body president and vice president, and as student leaders, we would like to congratulate and welcome them into their new role. 


Maybe you voted for them, and you’re thrilled they won. Maybe you didn’t vote for them, and you’re kind of bummed. Maybe you haven’t ever heard their names before and have no idea what’s going on with our student body (and you should really work on that), but whether you voted for them or not, treat them with respect. They worked hard to win the election, and they will work hard to implement their campaign promises. 


Lauren and Naomi, along with the other candidates, just want the same thing as all of us: for SFA to be the best campus it possibly can be; for every student to feel like they made the right choice in coming here. As students, we should be happy for our peers and excited to work together in any way we can. 


Their platform includes representation, professional development, accessibility and accountability for the student body. 


Congratulations, Lauren and Naomi. We can’t wait to see what you do.

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