The LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus is hosting “Love’s a Drag,” a drag show for an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration on Feb. 12 at 7 p.m. in the Baker Pattillo Student Center Theater. 

“We are so excited because we were somehow able to pull off planning this in such a short time and we have some great performances lined up, Meaghan Morton, a graduate student in mass communication from Trinidad and director of communications for the caucus, said. 

Three professional queens have been invited: Miss Kierra, Elle Woodie and Raven Flowers. There are also four drag kings who are all SFA students performing as well, making a total of seven performers.  

“We are so lucky and grateful to have them perform and partner with us,” Morton said.  

The top two performers will be judged by the crowd and receive prizes.  

Tickets are $3 each but there are only 150 tickets available due to social distancing rules. Tickets can be purchased through Cashapp: @LGBTQ-EqualityCaucus, Venmo: $sfalgbtq or at the door depending on the availability.  

Drag queen, Raven Flowers of Beaumont, has been involved in drag for a little over a year now. Her favorite part of drag shows is showing her support to the performers. 

“They’re wearing foam hips, 3-5 pairs of tights, heels, a corset, a pound of makeup and a wig to entertain you.” Flowers said 

Students are encouraged to come to the show to help support a marginalized community which has many ties in LGBTQ+ history and has influenced much of the current culture.  

“Do you remember when everyone was saying ‘and I oop?’” Morton said. That was coined by a Black drag queen. Voguing came from the Harlem drag scene in the 1980s from predominantly Black and Latinx clubs. Death dropping? That comes from Voguing. It is more than a show; it’s a culture.”

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