COLUMN: Farewell from News Editor Emma Hill

My time at The Pine Log has been short, sweet and extra spicy. I joined the staff my last semester at SFA, but it still feels like family. I would just like to thank our readers for keeping up with us this semester (because WHAT A SEMESTER IT’S BEEN!) and talk about some of the joys of working at a newspaper. 

For starters, there’s the people. If you want sass, you need look no further than people who write with a deadline; the pure wit and sheer wordsmithery floored me almost every day. Even more than our published satire, the way in which our writers took hard topics or weighty situations and turned to positive humor in the production room to keep spirits up was truly inspiring. 

Then, there are the stories. If I were to tell you that writing one story can change your life forever, you’d probably laugh (unless you, too, are a creative writing major); but the Lumberjacks I had the pleasure of interviewing changed my world almost every single week. From a better understanding of international and local communities to an introduction to the rich depths of the East Texas Research Center, the stories I wrote with The Pine Log shaped how I view the world — all because people were willing to share their stories. 

Lastly, there’s the passion. The feeling of belonging to a part of a whole that’s working to make the SFA community better is something that can’t be put into words. Having your own voice — and being given a platform to communicate with those who want to listen — is an honor and a gift that any writer would be grateful to have.  

So, next time you see The Pine Log post, see the sass. See the impact. See the passion. And let the storytelling change you for the better. 

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