COLUMN: Stop the negative stigma around tattoos

Tattoos. Most college students have them. Some of us dare to have them in super visible places, while the rest of us are too afraid to display them to the naked eye. But this should not be an issue in today’s day and age, especially when societal norms are becoming laxer. If I sit still for hours while someone digs into my skin with a needle, why does that make me unprofessional? 

To a lot of people in the older generations, tattoos are tacky. But most people I know have a meaning behind their tattoos and use them to express themselves. Tattoos are more than just decoration, they’re also about forming our bodies in a way that we’re comfortable with. We’re always told to love our bodies, but not in a way that will put our future careers at risk.  

It’s not just careers that have this bias. If you’re on TV you can’t have tattoos; but if you’re a cop, it’s not that big of a deal. Is there really any way that tattoos affect job performance? No. If anything, it's just the stigma that’s applied to tattoos. If you have them, you’re a bad person. It’s like saying that all blondes are dumb or that all people with glasses are smart. As someone who is blonde, wears glasses and has tattoos, I promise you that none of these things are true. 

I want to have complete control over my body and have nobody complain about it. If I want to be tatted up from head to toe, let me. I promise I will still be in the office by 8 AM. I’d be complaining about my job with or without tattoos. And the tattoos I have now, I barely acknowledge, so they can’t even say that it would be a distraction.  

It’s time to destroy this idea that people with tattoos are unprofessional. If anything, I think they’re just mad we look cooler than them. 

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