This year, SFA is replacing the Good Friday holiday with Reading Day. Classes will be replaced with optional review sessions or office hours. I think the switch is bad, and the day should still just be a holiday. 

Urban Dictionary actually says that Reading Day typically isn’t spent studying. The University intends for Reading Day to be a day for students to catch up on schoolwork, but from what I’ve seen and heard from other students – studying is the last thing on their mind. Considering this weekend is Easter weekend, a lot of students are going home to celebrate with their families. I have yet to hear of a student concerned about going to a review session. Instead, everyone is excited about visiting home and celebrating the holiday.  

I  don’t have any classes as my professors felt it was too complicated to hold an optional class that most students wouldn’t show up for. Instead, my professors want me and my classmates to watch videos over material that we would have covered in class. This just proves that the point of Reading Day was missed. Anytime that students have the chance to miss class, they most likely will, especially if it is right before a big holiday like Easter. 

The University administration had good intentions with Reading Day; but if Reading Day is to become a permanent change, perhaps it's better to not have it on Good Friday. Easter weekend is meant to be a sentimental time with family, and it starts with Good Friday. It’s nice to not have to worry about schoolwork for one day. Reading Day takes away the magic from that. Next year it would be better to have the normal Good Friday holiday and maybe have a Reading Day some other time.

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