SFA Beach Volleyball began playing in the A&M Corpus Christi Invitational today.  


The team went 0-5 to TAMUCC, and they also faced HBU, ending with a score of 3-2.  


According to Coach Alex Luna, the team has been preparing for this tournament by practicing three hours a day every day this past week.  


“We’ve been training some concepts we think will be helpful for us tactically this weekend as well as solidifying our partnerships,” Luna said 


The team lost their first season last year due to COVID-19. Luna sees this as an opportunity to play a full season and gain experience as a growing program.  


“Losing a season was really difficult, especially with it being our first, so there was a lot of build up to this season, Luna said.  


There are currently four events left this season, including today’s match. There will be a small midweek match, a tournament in Houston and the conference tournament.  


Luna says these games are preparing the team for the upcoming state conference by allowing them to see some of their conference opponents and giving them competitive and scouting experience.  


Last weekend, the team defeated Southeastern Louisiana4-0, and Texas A&M Kingsville, 5-0, in their first hosted tournament.  


There are some differences in indoor volleyball versus beach volleyball. Besides the court chances, sand versus court, beach volleyball has two on a team while indoor volleyball has six.  


Luna says beach volleyball is played to 21 instead of indoor volleyball which is played to 25. Beach volleyball also has a smaller surface area and switches court every seven points to account for sun, wind, etc.   


“From a tactical standpoint, I would liken indoor to checkers and beach to chess. Indoor is fast and easy to follow, beach is more contemplative and more of a cat and mouse game of strategy” he said 


Coach Luna encourages students to come to the next home event on April 7 and 8.  


“It’s a really fun atmosphere with lots of music and hopefully great weather,” he said 


The practices are also open for people to come learn and observe the sport.  


“We’re always looking to fundraise to travel to bigger and more competitive tournaments, so anything helps!” Luna said. 


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