The SFA School of Theatre recently rehired Kristen Blossomassistant professor of musical theatre. 

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, budget cuts caused the department to let some faculty members go; one of those members was Blossom, who was the voice and movement professor at the time.  

 “The hiring came [as a] surprise for everybody,” Blossom said. “No one knew we were going to get the money necessary to hire me on in this position, and it took a little while to even consider coming back. But after a short walk through Nacogdoches on the prettiest day I had seen in a while, I went to Cleo [House Jr., director of SFA School of Theatre], and told him I was going to apply.”  

After a workshop with current students and interviews with multiple candidates, the department hired Blossom back as an assistant professor of acting and musical theatre. Blossom said patience is a key trait she will practice as she takes on her new role in the SFA School of Theatre, and she is looking forward to the future where a degree plan will be built around musical theatre. 

“I started this movement called ‘Crescendo’,” Blossom said. “We don’t have the confidence right now to put up a big musical, so we have these instances, similar to flash mobs, that are small groups.” 

Blossom received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance at Huntington University and her Master of Fine Arts in Acting from FSU/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training, one of the top 20 acting schools in the world. Before working for SFA, she was a professor at Louisiana Tech University, choreographer and director for South Arkansas Arts Theatre’s Hunchback of Notre Dame and has been an actor both on stage and in films. For the first time in many years, the School of Theatre sought an acting professor with a specialization in musical theatre, and Blossom fit that role. 

I want it to be fun for students in a way that makes them feel safe and is also manageable with our busy schedules,” Blossom said. 

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