COLUMN: Give women back their bodies

On Sept. 1, the Heartbeat Bill went into effect in the state of Texas. This means that as soon as the fetal heartbeat is detected, abortion is not an option.  

In Texas, you can carry a gun anywhere without a license. Governor Abbott made it very clear that masks are not required and cannot be forced because many Republicans believe that forcing people to wear a mask is taking away their rights to choose. Yet now we have a law that makes it illegal for women to choose the laws over their own bodies. 

This law will increase the number of people leaving the state to seek medical help, deaths, illegal and unsafe abortions. Not everyone has the same access to healthcare as the next person, and not everyone can just get up and leave the state to find someone who will help them. By restricting abortions, it will highly increase the risk for so many women in Texas.  

Along with the bill, you can receive $10,000 if you report someone who gets an abortion or someone assisting a woman who is seeking an abortion. This can even mean if you drive someone to receive one. I find this absolutely outraging. More people will feel compelled to snitch on people they know just for the money.  

As a woman, hearing constitutional rights to my own body have been stripped away breaks my heart. I do not have the freedom I am told that I have. While I am grateful to live in a place where I do have freedom, this freedom should be my own, and no one else's.  

Some people would argue abortion is used primarily by people being irresponsible, but people get abortions for all different reasons. Not all those reasons are irresponsibility. Some cases deal with rape, incest, genetic diseases, maternal risks and the list goes on. Often in rape cases, women who carry to term end up resenting their children because they are a reminder of the terrible thing that happened to them.  

With an increase in unwanted childbirth, this will increase the number of children given up for adoption. Our country has a terrible foster system. With an already broken system that allows children to be placed in abusive homes and kids aging out of the system without adoption, this will be putting children at a bad start from the beginning.  

I do not believe that a man or the government should be able to decide what happens with a woman’s body. Men will never understand what it is like to be a woman, and all that comes with being a woman. I shouldn’t have to be scared, belittled, or feel inferior because I am a woman. As much as women go through, we should at least have the right to our own bodies.  

Abortion is not political. Abortion has to do with healthcare, and it is a medical choice. Our country was founded on freedom and freedom of choice, but here we are as Americans and Texans with our basic human rights stripped away because we are women. It was never about personal autonomy. It was always about controlling women. 

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I Can't believe some people support this war on women, Texas has taken a huge step backwards into the dark age


totally agree, thanks for writing this

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