COLUMN: Farewell from Video Coordinator Elena Barnes

I can’t believe the time is finally here. Every time I try to find the words I want to write, I start to cry. I’m finally nearing the end of my college career, and it is all starting to feel surreal. What I thought was going to be a long four years ended up being the quickest three and a half years, as I will be graduating early Dec. 11. 

I joined The Pine Log in Spring of 2019, and I was hired as a staff videographer. I was so excited to apply for this job, as it was presented to classmates and me in SFA101 my freshman yearAfter being hired as a staff videographer, The Pine Log brought me closer to the culture of SFA and gave me a forum to express myself.  

My time as a staff videographer was amazingeveryone I worked with over the years left a positive impact on me and they inspired me to become the video coordinator one day. Once I became the video coordinatorso many blessings were received, and I learned more about the importance of leadership. I was super excited to lead a team full of talented and amazing videographers and create content with them that is fun and newsworthy for fellow Lumberjacks and the Nacogdoches community. 

The Pine Log presented lots of opportunities and made my passion for broadcasting grow. I’m going to miss hosting Jack News, Ask-A-Jack and my personal favorite, Nac Hit the Spot. One of my favorite things about The Pine Log is the “celebrity status” it gave me! When my friends see me, they say fun things like “Is that Miss Jack News?,” “Is that THE Elena Barnes from The Pine Log?,” and my personal favorite, “Can I have your autograph?” However, the most important thing I will miss about this job is the support from not just the staff, but the community as well.  

I aspire to be a role model in the media world one day. My goal is to be the best sports broadcaster and inspire young girls and women that sports are made for them too. I am so excited to experience the next chapter of my life and utilize my knowledge gained from my three and half years here at SFA. I have been fortunate to have some of the best professors who shared their knowledge and experience that continues to ignite my passion for broadcasting. Overall, my time at SFA has been such an amazing experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

I’d like to thank Alyssa Coker, our current editor-in-chief, for not only giving me a chance at being the video coordinator but for also being an amazing person and role model in the newsroom. I am so thankful I was able to work with you closer my last semester and to work under your leadership. Your charisma and positivity are contagious and because of that, you are such an inspiration to The Pine Log.  

To my videographer staff, thank you for being such an amazing team. For such a quick semester, we made some fun memories together and I will cherish those moments we made forever. From creating content, trying new foods, and having 30-minute post-meeting conversations about life, I will never forget our fun moments together. And finally, thank you guys for allowing me to lead you, and I appreciate your trust in me to be the video coordinator. I have learned lots from you guys as I hope you have learned lots from me as well.  

As far as my SFA career, I can’t believe it is already time to say farewell. I have been so lucky to also be a part of Purple Haze Association (now AXEperience) ever since my freshman year. Once I joined in Fall of 2018, I was a Jackhammer and then eventually became a Student Director the next year. I’m going to miss that “PHAmily” but will cherish all the amazing memories made over the past years. And finally, one last shout out to Karl Berry, the assistant athletic director of broadcasts technology and marketing operations at SFA. Thanks for taking me in as an intern for ESPN my sophomore year and eventually hiring me to work part-time. Thank you for teaching me more about sports broadcasting and for making me more excited about working in sports one day.  

I am so lucky and fortunate to have been a part of three amazing groups my college career, and I will never forget the amazing people I have met along the way. I will hold the memories made over the years in my heart forever!  

To The Pine Log staff, all my friends and professors, thank you for everything. I’ll see you later. 

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Congratulations Elena!! So proud of you! You have an awesome student to work with over the past few years! Best wishes

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