Dean of Student Affairs Adam Peck has signed a contract for a new book with the working title, “Applying Design Thinking to the Measurement of Experiential Learning.”  The book will come out in the fall of 2021 and will be written for educators.

“The topic is a bit heady,” Peck said. “In fact, my family likes to tease me that I write boring books that no one wants to read. But I think it’s interesting, and there are a few people like me who are nerdy enough to find it interesting, too. It’s always exciting to see your work receive recondition. Nobody writes stories about the rejections that you receive, but they far outnumber the acceptances. So, it’s a movement of celebration for me.”

The book will be an edited volume. Peck says he is recruiting a diverse and well-respected group of co-authors to address the question, “How can we improve student learning and awareness of what students are learning by applying principles of design thinking?”

“One of the main reasons I proposed the book is that this is something SFA has been doing really well,” Peck said. “The Pine Log recently did a story on our Beyond the Classroom report. If you look in that report, you’ll see our co-curricular mapping process illustrated. This is cutting edge work. It’s exciting to see us take that to an international audience.”

Peck’s Co-Editor will be Dr. Danielle SeSawal, a clinical professor and coordinator of the Higher Education and Student Affairs Master’s Program at Indiana University.

“I am passionate about making sure our students learn from their experiences outside of the classroom,” Peck said. “More than 70% of SFA students participate in some kind of learning experience outside of the classroom and we know that provides a meaningful learning experience. So, in a big way, this book is really going to feature SFA students.”

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