Entering the Gayla Mize Garden, I wasn’t expecting much activity. However, to my surprise, several people were out enjoying the sunshine and fresh air Nacogdoches has to offer.

Despite social distancing, I feel like I have been more connected than ever with my friends who live far away and even closer to the friends who are still here in Nacogdoches. I feel like others are experiencing the same shift in communication. Families who wouldn’t usually be out with their children in the middle of the day are outside together due to public schools not meeting face to face and businesses letting workers have time off or letting them go. People who have never heard the word “FaceTime” are now video chatting with loved ones, and Twitter feeds have become more active as we search for solidarity in this unprecedented time.

It’s interesting to watch it unfold. Luckily, I was able to capture some of these moments and firsts.

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