SFAs Board of Regents revised the University's policy allowing alcohol on campus. Students of a legal drinking age will be allowed to have alcohol in their residence hall starting in January. 

Restrictions apply such as there must be no students under the age of 21 present, alcoholic beverages are less than 14 percent alcohol by volume and consumed responsibly. This policy revision was made at the quarterly meeting on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1. 

“We want to create a premiere Lumberjack living experience, an environment where upper-class students will consider living on campus,” Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Brandon Frye said“The challenge is to create a safe environment but also to let young adults have the freedom that comes with being a young adult, while doing so safely and responsibly.” 

According to policy summary form for “[illicit] drugs and alcohol abuse” policy number 13:11, the specific rationale behind this policy change was to “[increase] appeal and marketability of on-campus living to upper-class students who otherwise would be exempt from the on-campus living requirement.”  

The departments and units responsible for implementing these changes are the University President, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students and Director of Human Resources. 

Though the policy was approved, there will be additional guidelines for residence halls,” Executive Director of Campus Living, Dining, and Auxiliary Services, Carrie Charley said. “Currently there are 631 students on campus who are 21 years of age or older, about 21 percent of the total number of residents on campusBecause the majority of those living in residence halls are under 21, there are limits to alcohol possession and consumption, even if you are 21.” 

Over 50 peer institutions were surveyed in the state of Texas and Louisiana and only six of those were still dry campuses.  Residential staff on campus will serve to document any issues, concerns or violations of the policy. Data regarding living on campus will also continue to be monitored 

“As university leadership considered ways to make on-campus living more attractive and hospitable for older students, we noted that this policy change would be a significant way to do so,” Chief Marketing Communications Officer, Graham Garner said. This is an issue that directly affects their choices.” 

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