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Deaf Smith

Being a graduate of SFASU (1980!) I see this from a standpoint of being an old man... and seeing lots of grief from those who had abortions. It is easy to say it's is not a child until the deed is done.. then the realization it was a child and what is done cannot be undone.

Now those who are saddled with pregnancy. I understand you are in great stress, especially if the young father does not wish to take up his responsibility.. i.e. raising the child. I take a very dim view of 'dead beat dads'.... very dim view, and much should be done to get them to 'man up' to their responsibilities.

But do not place the blame on the unborn child. It is not their fault. Yes you can give the child up for adoption if need be. But please let the child live. For it is a child, not a choice.

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