Eight on and off campus study spots for the busy college student

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With the start of a new year and a new semester, now is a great time to find a new go-to study spot or reclaim an old favorite. Like many students, Cassandra Smith, senior sociology major form Tyler, struggles with getting distracted while studying due to ADHD. To start the semester off right, Smith encourages students to find a study space that works best for them.

“[Studying] sets a routine and creates positive habits,” Smith said. “I’m not the best at it, so finding somewhere where I know I’m focusing when I’m there is the key.”

Here are some Lumberjack recommended on and off campus study spots for those who live on campus, commute, need a change of scenery or want to support local businesses while being focused and productive.

Ralph W. Steen Library

The library has four floors, multiple studies rooms and is home to the AARC, which has walk in tables and learning teams for various areas of study. If you like to study by yourself in a quiet area, the fourth floor offers personal pods you can sit and work in, as well as private study rooms that can be checked out by the hour. For a louder atmosphere that encourages group study, the second and third floors are best recommended.

“I try to stay as long as I can at the library,” Jacy Evans, freshman Bio-Chemistry major from Nacogdoches, said. “The study rooms give me more freedom to move around and study in private and in a relatively quiet room. I also enjoy the white boards that most of them provide, so I can see whatever I’m working on in a larger scale.”

Makayla Powell, junior nursing major from Marshall, says she likes studying in the library as well because she concentrates more compared to studying in her room, where she tends to get distracted.

Business and STEM buildings

Open to all majors, both the business building and the STEM building are where lots of students like to go. When study rooms in the library are full, students can go to the fourth floor of the business building to find an open study room. Because of the glass room and nice views, many students also enjoy studying in the STEM building. The view of campus helps relieve stress because it stimulates studying outside.

Starbucks (Both locations)

For Hanna Hardy, junior elementary education major from Quitman, TX, Starbucks is one of her favorite places to study. The atmosphere helps her focus on school work and the coffee helps her stay awake.

“I enjoy studying at Starbucks on and off campus because I enjoy buying coffee which will wake me up, and I enjoy the music,” Hardy said. “I would recommend it because the environment makes me focus more on whatever schoolwork I am doing.”


Thumpers is a local coffee shop and bookstore that is located at 4515 North Street. Students have the option to order in house, order ahead or have their coffee delivered through the Waitr app. Besides coffee, Thumpers offers hot chocolate, herbal tea, smoothies and sugar-free options.

“I usually only go to Thumpers for major assignments because [of] the change in scenery and the atmosphere,” Smith said. “Thumpers has plenty of outlets and tables available. If [a] student has the transport and a little extra change to buy something, I would say study there.”

University Coffee

University Coffee, a newer coffee shop located not too far from campus at 2611 North Street, was built to serve college students and provide them with a comfortable place to hang out and study. They serve a variety of coffees, cappuccinos, frappes and an arrangement of teas.

Java Jacks

Java Jacks is another coffee shop located at 1122 North Street. First opening in 1996, the locally owned business had one goal in mind: “to create the kind of coffee shop where we wanted to spend all day, every day,” according to their website. Java Jacks has been a Lumberjack favorite for over 20 years and continues to be a study spot students use today.

Along with different styles of coffee they serve pastries, paninis and wraps. For those who like a variety of foods, they also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Nine Flags

Nine Flags Coffee Roasters, located at 1504 North Street, roasts their own coffee beans in a wood-fire oven that was built by the owners. According to their website, [they] “feature nine different countries' beans from Kenya to Costa Rica, importing directly from small batch farmers.” Recently moving locations, making it more convenient for students to walk a short distance from campus, Nine Flags hopes to become a new Lumberjack favorite for their coffee, pastries and free WiFi.

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