PREVIEW: Avengers Endgame

We are only getting closer and closer to “Avengers: Endgame” day by day, and with that, new theories are being thrown out as much as fans are getting excited about the new film. Before I go ahead and add my speculation as to what is going to happen in the new film, I should start by going over what happened in “Avengers: Infinity War.”

I feel like this is implied, but spoilers ahead. Before I can even get into “Avengers: Infinity War,” I will leave a brief recap of every character in the film. Starting with my favorite, Spiderman, we had him playing a role on Stark’s side in the Civil War arch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This led to him going through the growing pains of being a super powered teenager with Tony doing what Tony does, messing with things too much.

Tony Stark as of this point was a billionaire who decided to retire from being Iron Man in “Iron Man 3,” but decided to not do that seemingly, because we all know how much he loves being Tony Stark.

Captain America got reunited with his best friend Bucky Barnes, who became the Winter Soldier after mind washing made him a KGB agent. Captain America is now a fugitive and also now sporting the look of Nomad, another form of Captain America from the comics, which is a bad sign regarding his mortality.

Bruce Banner is starting to become okay with being the Hulk, which is great because every time the Hulk talked in “Thor Ragnarok,” I had to question why this wasn’t a Hulk movie until the Thor scenes came back up. Thor is missing an eye and sporting the “unworthy Thor” look, which will be mentioned later as its one of the coolest Thor things ever.

Black Widow is still with Captain America after having fought against the hydra agents of civil war, marking her a fugitive as well.

Finally, Doctor Strange, who is the most important character in my eyes, finally obtained the Eye of Agamotto and became sorcerer supreme. He also occasionally grabbed other characters for one-shot scenes.

There are others, but considering the size of the roster in the MCU, this is the shortest I feel comfortable with.

Thanos is a man who is trying to find a way to stop overpopulation, and as a villain in the Marvel universe, he decides to use an artifact to wipe out half of all living things. To do this, he needs the infinity stones, which are all scattered in what I can only call the Marvel Macguffins.

Thanos sets out to collect his Infinity Stones for the Infinity Gauntlet with the help of his four minions, who each start to search for the stones themselves. In the process of doing this however, the various heroes of the MCU start to meet up to fight against these villains after they are seemingly forced together due to battles.

In this time, Thanos kills Vision and takes his Infinity Stone, kills his daughter Gamora for an Infinity Stone and seizes the remaining stones along the way. This reaches its height with all the heroes meeting up for a massive battle in Wakanda in the same style as every big Marvel fight. The movie left off with Thor using the Stormbreaker, an axe meant to be able to kill Thanos, to try and take down Thanos. Thor was unsuccessful, which leads us to where we are now—half of all living things vanishing into dust.

Surviving members are Stark, Banner, Nebula, M’Baku, Okoye, Rhodes, Rocket, Rogers, Romanoff and Thor.

Onto speculation: Captain Marvel will play a big part in this movie, as she was clearly the emergency distress signal from Fury. But I personally believe Hulk will play a massive role in the movie, as he has slowly been building up his character from the first Avengers movie. He is clearly smarter now, which gives me faith that the Russo brothers have decided to finally show Planet-Buster Hulk.

Hulk is a limitlessly powerful creature driven only by his rage, so it makes sense for him to unleash it all after the death of his friends by sending the Mad Titan into a harsh battle that the Thanos of the comics is afraid of dealing with. Even with the jokes revolving around Ant-Man, I do think he will have a pivotal part in the movie at some point.

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