Review: Brick Street Blues Band brings fun and energy

(From left) Randy McDonald, Alex Leyva, Xan Leyva, Mark Scott and GinaMaree Langford 

I have been a fan of all sorts of music in my life, and I have been lucky enough to have worked in multiple positions now where I am able to listen to music being performed live in front of an audience. I’ve experienced almost all types of music: punk, blues, jazz, rockabilly, funk, country and heavy metal. I’ve heard many different bands and gotten to work around their shows, hearing them and experiencing the show that they put on.

 There has to be a sort of spark that helps to drive a band to get a crowd to move. It can be hard to find that, with even the most technical players needing that bit to push them further beyond and to fully make them stand out as someone who is truly doing well in their craft.

 Nacogdoches band Brick Street Blues is one of those bands which has that spark, making people want to get up and move. They have been performing since 2015 and are well known for their covers of blues, funk, and soul music. 

 The band has a distinct style which makes them stand out from others in Nacogdoches. They tend to take on more classy attire from the usual sort of jeans and T-shirt that most musicians would wear onstage. Instead, sometimes, they opt for occasional color matched outfits that help them to sell the crowd on them when they pay to see them perform.

 Getting a start in the now closed Liberty Bell, the band would meet each other through the jam sessions. They would participate in there with a recurring cast of people coming through and just enjoying playing together. It wasn’t until they were asked by one of the patrons there to perform for their wedding that they had actually become a legitimate band, choosing the name Brick Street Blues as a credit to the brick roads of downtown outside of the restaurant where they all played.

 Seeing them perform is a completely different experience than listening to music over a speaker, they put a considerable amount of energy into all of the work that they do, and it leads them to show a completely interesting and unique sort of atmosphere. The music almost feels like it wants to lift you off of your feet, or, at the very least tap, your foot to the rhythm of the drums or the beat of the bass. Its’ pure and simple fun from people that know how to get a crowd moving to the beat and enjoying the energy that their music brings.

 The group was voted by Nacogdoches as one of the best local bands of 2019, and I can see why. They consist of people from all different places and even have a good number of alumni as a part of their band. 

 The group has an upcoming show on Oct. 19 at Makelmore’s where they are going to be performing with artist Marshal Vance, another regular of the old jam sessions who is now a professional musician out of Orlando, Florida. You can also find them and their shows on their Facebook page under Brick Street Blues.

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