La Biblioteca Coffee, currently located outside of the Fredonia Brewery on the corner of Mound St. and Hospital St., is a mobile coffee bar that opened in downtown Nacogdoches in December of 2019. Some items on their menu include coffee, protein shakes, healthy bites, tea and more for a relatively cheap price.

 One thing to note when arriving is that the truck is inside of the patio area of the Fredonia Brewery. This, to me, is a cool and convenient location because there are plenty of benches to sit at once you have your order, and there is free parking all around the area, including a parking lot right in front of the coffee bar.

The staff was very nice and easily approachable. I had a friendly conversation with the barista, and noted on their website, they advertise “fresh ingredients, impeccable customer service, and consistency in [their] products.”

The barista recommended to me a drink called “the Rosebud” which was a vanilla cold brew with your choice of milk (I chose half and half).

The drink tasted so great I did not want to be finished with it. It kept me very energized for my longest class of the day, and I did not get a caffeine crash effect at all.

I raved to my friends who also love coffee and told them that they need to try this place out as soon as possible. I will definitely be coming back to La Biblioteca Coffee to try more of their healthy products.

The coffee shop’s hours are Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., 6 to 11 a.m. on Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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