Student offers tips for studying for finals

In preparation for finals week, several organizations and buildings around campus are offering extra services to students in order to care for their well-being, grades and studying practices.

The library has extended hours, and online studying resources are available on different pages of the SFA website. Between online writing labs and study skills diagnostics, students can brush up on their classes. Below is a list of services offered on campus to assist in the completion of finals.

For Writing that paper:

Paper rater is an online grading site to submit your paper and get immediate feedback on vocabulary, sentence structure, misspelled words and if you want to push a little bit extra, you can pay for premium service and receive more help, but the free service is just as useful.

Formatting and references:

Under the Ralph W. Steen Library section of the website, there is a page called Formatting and References with the purpose to assist students in APA, MLA and other formatting. This page also offers information on plagiarism, paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting and résumé tips.

Ask a friend:

If you don’t have time to check over your paper, ask a friend to read over it for you. They will be able to catch the mistakes you made better than you will and also be able to offer some insight on the subject when online sources like can’t. 

For taking that test:

Study music:

Listening to study music or instrumentals can lead to a more productive solo study session.

Figure out your learning style:

Learning styles can vary between each person, but knowing yours and how to take advantage of it can assist in studying for that 100-question multiple choice test, or the in-class essay about underwater basket weaving.

Create outlines:

Some professors do this for the students, but if they have not, utilize this studying tip. Create outlines of the chapters you will be tested over. Use different colored pens or highlighters to create sections for different subjects within the chapters.


Quizlet is a website where anyone can create study sets (basically online flash cards) about anything they choose and publish the sets to the public. Browse around. It is possible somebody has taken the same exact class as you and created a study set for your test, making your studying time a little bit easier. 

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