Laugh your  AXE off

Comedy Central alumnus Lafayette Wright uses his comedic skills to wow an audience. Both Wright and featured “Wild N’ Out” cast member Matt Rife will perform at SAA’s Laugh Your Axe Off show from 7 to 9 p.m. on Jan. 29 in the Grand Ballroom of the Baker Pattillo Student Center.

The Student Activities Association will be hosting a comedy show called “Laugh Your Axe Off,” featuring comedian Matt Rife from NBC’s “Bring the Funny” and “Wild N’ Out” with comedian Lafayette Wright, who was featured on Kevin Hart’s Comedy Central show, “Hart of the City.”

“With the Student Activity Association, our students that are in the organization as members submit event proposals,” said Erica Nordlund, adviser of SAA and coordinator of student engagement activities. “One of our students came forward and said she wanted to do a comedy show.”

The show will be held 7 to 9 p.m. Jan. 29 in the Grand Ballroom of the Student Center. SAA hopes that Rife and Wright will attract a lot of students, as well as give students an opportunity to see a comedy show for free.

“We thought this would be a great opportunity to kick off SAA’s events this semester with a bigger event,” Nordlund said. “Her and I sat down together and went through a list of comedians from different agencies. We were able to find the two.”

Stephanie Velez, junior sports business student from Houston, said she got the idea from the comedic atmosphere that takes place in the SAA office, as well as reflecting on past events with guest speakers that were successful.

“Usually in the SAA office, someone is always cracking a joke, so I thought what would be better than a comedy show?” Velez said. “Events with guest speakers are always a great success.”

Each performer’s set will be 45 minutes long, with a break in between for introductions. Wright will go on first, followed by Rife.

“I have loved the show ‘Wild N’ Out’ for a while now and to see that someone from the show is coming to SFA is pretty cool,” said Noelle Benavides, junior elementary education major from Pearland. “I’m excited to see what kind of stand-up they have to offer.”

According to SAA, the goal is to create an atmosphere where every student can feel connected, whether that is by attending an event or being a part of running the events. SAA strives to choose events that they feel students will enjoy, allowing current members the opportunity of choosing what events take place, rather than officers.

“I can’t wait until this event,” Velez said. “I know it’s going to be a blast. Come early to get good seats!”

If students who are not members of SAA would like to present an idea that has not been done before, SA A encourages anyone to join their team to be a part of that process. For future events, SAA is in the process of bringing an exotic petting zoo to campus with a tortoise, pygmy goats and chinchillas. They are also doing a three- part voice series, inspired by NBC’s, “The Voice.”

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