Post Malone released his third, highly anticipated studio album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” on Sept. 6. This album is quite lengthy, consisting of 17 tracks. Initially looking at the track list, I saw Malone collaborated with a lot of artists of all genres on this album. This alone intrigued me to give this album a listen. 

The starting track on the album is also called, “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” It starts off with guitar and vocals. Then, the beat drops around a minute into the song and changes back again around two minutes. This song gives the album an energizing start.
The next two tracks, “Saint Tropez” and “Enemies” (featuring DaBaby) didn’t appeal to me nearly as much but still had promising aspects.“Enemies”hasaclear message. He’s talking about his friends in his life who have turned into enemies. This track also features DaBaby, who I was not a fan of on this track. 

The tracks “Allergic” and “A Thousand Bad Times” are both songs that have a popish beat to them rather than a heavy hip-hop style. “A Thousand Bad Times” expresses all of what Malone has gone through. It also expresses how if it hasn’t knocked him down, nothing will. 

“Circles” is a song that’s very catchy. It’s a tune you can’t help but find yourself singing or humming. It consists of soft vocals and an acoustic guitar with pedals. Another song with a clear, defined story talking about his love life, especially how he seems to always get back into the same position he started, going in circles. 

“Die For Me” (featuring Future and Halsey) is one of my favorite tracks on this album. This track has heavy rapping and downbeats. Travis Scott fit really well in this song and helped bring the piece together. Seeing Halsey on this track excited me. Her raspy tone brought a new feeling to this track. The ending had a lot of overlapping vocals, which makes you try and listen to each part that’s going on. I love this track, and it reenergized my excitement for this album. 

“On The Road” (featuring Meek Mill and Lil Baby) is probably my least favorite on the album. It’s reflecting back on his own successes so far in his career— another track with a clear, defined message, but I don’t like the way it was laid out. I was not impressed with any parts by either artist and felt the vocals were heavily auto-tuned. 

“Take What You Want” (featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott) is another top track on this album. I love Ozzy and have been a fan since his solo career to his days in Black Sabbath. So, to see that Post Malone was collaborating with him on this album was exciting. This track takes Post Malone’s rapping and intertwines it with Ozzy’s vocals—a very unexpected but fitting collaboration. This track also showcases heavy guitar riffs to incorporate a rock vibe to the track. The songs also ends very abruptly, which gives it a mysterious vibe. 

“I’m Gonna Be” and “Staring At The Sun” (featuring SZA) are also the types of songs you can’t help but sing or hum along to, even if they’re not your favorite. “Staring At The Sun” was the first time I ever heard SZA. I was very impressed by her vocals. 

“Sunflower” (featuring Swae-Lee) is a previously released song for the movie soundtrack “Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” It’s a softer song that showcases more of Malone’s vocal range than his rapping ability. 

“Internet” brings new instrumentation to the table. He uses string instruments in this track, which I like. It’s very rap heavy, and he uses polyphonic vocals, which makes it an interesting listen. 

“Goodbyes” (featuring Young Thug) is another catchy song. It’s another heavy rap track with heavy bass. Young Thug’s vocals aren’t my favorite, but it fits with the song. 

“Myself,” “I Know” and “Wow” are the last three songs on the album. They help tap the album up very well. “Myself” talks about how his life has changed since becoming famous and the struggles of trying to stay himself. This track has a colorful bass line which appeals to me. “I Know” and “Wow” are both very rap heavy and have catchy beats. Both are good tunes that really close the album nicely. 

The album was constructed rather well. It started out slow to build into heavy tracks and slow down again. Each track was placed in the album to perfectly tell a story. The entire album had common themes such as love, money and the price of fame. The majority of collaborations on the album helped make the album as good and entertaining as it became in completion. I would give this album as a whole an eight out of 10. 

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