Nine Flags Coffee Roasters podcast talks coffee

“Conversations over Coffee” host Chris Englert, right, and a guest prepare for recording over a hot cup of coffee at Nine Flags Coffee Roasters.

Nine Flags Coffee Roasters is now home to “Conversations Over Coffee,” a podcast hosted by a barista and a long-time customer. The hosts, Carol Elliott and Chris Englert, recorded their first episode on Valentine’s Day. The idea, however, came directly from the owner of Nine Flags, David Hanson.

“Podcasts are popular,” Hanson said. “You can talk about anything you want [on a] podcast. Chris and Carol, they’re very outspoken, opinionated people that are entertaining.”

Most podcasts are known for audible streaming. Nine Flags’ podcast, however, also visually records episodes.

“I think watching it is just as valuable [and] informative as listening to it,” Hanson said. Each episode is limited to 30 minutes. Once finished recording, the podcast video is uploaded to the shop’s YouTube channel, “Nine Flags Coffee Roasters” and shared on their social media, specifically Facebook. Unlike most podcasts, Nine Flags does not edit “Conversations Over Coffee” at all.

“Even our mistakes are in the podcast,” Englert said. “We are not perfect people here. And if you watch these things, you’ll find out that there’s lots of things that maybe, if you were doing videography or cinematography, you’ll say, ‘We would cut that or this,’ but it’s included in here,” Englert said. “It makes us human.”

Hanson said that while looking back, there really isn’t anything they really need to edit.

“I know there are people that spend hours editing their podcast,” Hanson said. “And I just want to keep it more real, more human, the way it all operates.”

When it comes to choosing topics and what will be discussed, Englert said that he just talks about things that other people would also like to know about.

“The things that we talk about are things that most people will ask a question about,” Englert said. “We did a thing about almond milk the other day. How many people know about it? I think that the interaction between Carol and myself makes it interesting and enjoyable. At the same time, a person can learn a few things.”

“Conversations Over Coffee,” is recorded every Monday at Nine Flags Coffee Roasters. Hanson said that aspiring podcasters are welcome to use Nine Flags’ podcast equipment, which includes a microphone and a camera.

“I want to make it available [for]anybody that has an interesting podcast,” Hanson said.

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