Review: ‘Disenchantment’ doesn’t suit reviewer’s taste

When I first read what Disenchantment was about, I was expecting to hate it. Created by Matt Groening, who can also be credited with, “The Simpsons” and “Futurama,” the series follows Bean, a princess who “dares to be different” (while also being drunk like, always.) Other characters in the series are her friends: Elfo, a naïve elf and Luci, her personal demon who is supposed to be corrupting her. The first part of season one consisted of 10 episodes and premiered Aug. 17, 2018, with the second part premiering on Sep.20, 2019, and consisting of 10 episodes. 

The series is described as a, “satirical fantasy sitcom.” In my mind, that mean the humor was going to be nothing but sex jokes and people getting killed. More power to you if that’s your sense of humor, but it’s not mine. After watching the show, I can now say, “Sure, it did have sex jokes and a plethora of people getting killed, but it had an interesting story with characters that I didn’t totally hate... all the time.”

Princess Bean, the main character started off in the first half of season one by being annoying. Kids, just a personal tip: Don’t complain if your dad doesn’t trust you and won’t give you any responsibility after you throw a complete rager while he’s gone. Because, then, Vikings take over your kingdom and kill everybody. However, as season one ends, we see Bean deal with her “dead” mother coming back (She’s been turned to stone and Bean finds an elixir of life to bring her back.) Then, as season two starts, she realizes her mother is evil. Her mother wants to use Bean, and was actually trying to turn King Zog, Bean’s father to stone. But, Bean’s mother drank the poison on accident. As Bean’s character develops, I began to like her more. She progresses as her rebellious spirit goes from teenage angst to a young woman who can save the day, without being whiny and annoying.

While Elfo seems to mainly be there to be the butt of everyone’s joke, as well as a personal punching bag, I like him. He starts off season one by leaving Elfwood, his home where everyone is always happy and singing while making candy, to find out what the world is really like. He dies at the end of season one and is in Heaven when part two begins. While he is innocent in nature, he is also brave and an extremely good friend, choosing to go to Hell to be reunited with Bean and Luci. Because of this decision, he is brought back to Earth.

Luci was probably my favorite character. Despite being a demon who is trying to corrupt Bean, even going as far as getting her drunk right before she must make a speech to their enemy kingdom Dankmire, he is actually a very good friend. He gives up his powers and immortality to bring Elfo back from the dead. He is by far the funniest character. His witty remarks being the best part of the show’s comedy.

I thought the story was interesting. While most of the characters were jerks in part one, they all developed very nicely in part two. That made it much more enjoyable to watch. Overall, the show was okay, but I probably won’t be watching it again.

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