Finals week is approaching, and even though majority of classes will be online, it is still important for students to stay on top of their work and do their very best of their final exams. Whether students are on-campus or at home, there’s multiple resources students can use that the university offers.

Ask A Librarian

Steen library offers Ask A Librarian, which is an online chat box that students can use to ask questions, get help on their papers or get connected with another organization on campus. The chat box is located on the main page of the library’s website and all questions are answered by the librarians. Library Director Jonathan Helmke stresses the importance of how helpful this chat can be.

 “We have real-time people behind that chat box that can answer your questions,” Helmke said. “It’s not a chat box we think about chat box with automatic answers. We offer this service if students need help with finding resources for their paper, need help with citations or ask about where they can get poster printings.”

Center for Teaching and Learning

If students need help with D2L, they can visit or call the Center for Teaching and Learning. Since majority of final exams will be delivered through D2L, this is the perfect place to get any issues worked through. If students have any questions about how tests work or how to submit a paper correctly, they can come in person to the library or visit their website  

The Student Success Center

If students have questions about careers or advising, they can visit the Student Success Center also located in the library. Their mission is to help students succeed through college and that involves passing finals. They can give students tips and advice on how to be successful and pass your classes.


After Thanksgiving break, the AARC will be offering their services online only. If students aren’t understanding a topic in class or need help editing a paper, they can ask the AARC for help. Director M.E. McWilliams encourages students to take advantage of this free service to help ace their finals and pass their classes.

“Writing tutors will be available Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. via drop-in assistance over Zoom,” McWilliams said. “The Online Writing Lab (OWL) will continue to accept submissions through December 1. Current one-on-one appointments will continue at the same time but via Zoom. Tutors will contact clients about moving to Zoom. SI Groups and walk-in tables will occur at the same time as before Thanksgiving, but students will now access those services through Zoom.”

The Arboretum

This place is a campus favorite and can help students through finals by realizing stress. The arboretum is filled with different types of plants and art sculptures to look at. Brionna Land, a senior modern languages major from Jasper, TX, said she tries not to stress during finals and tries to take extra care of herself. One of the ways she does this is by taking long walks.

“I try to be by myself for a while,” Land said. “I try not to spend too much time cramming. I try to space it out, like two hours on a Saturday, half an hour twice a day until the day before the final. On the morning of the finals, I’ll skim everything right before.”

Other Online Resources Non-Affiliated with SFA

There are also online sources, like Quizlet and Khan Academy, that aren’t affiliated with SFA, but can help students prepare for finals. On Quizlet, students can make online notecards over information they learned in class and then test themselves over it at their own pace. On Khan Academy, there are videos that explain problems to students and take it step-by-step. Khan Academy covers all subjects and grade levels.

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