A good deli makes for a good community in my eyes. And, finally, there is one that has opened for the SFA family.

Knuckle Sandwich is in a familiar place for a good deal of us, nestled in the same building where the Bike Shop once stood, putting it front and center for a large portion of the traffic that comes through the University itself. With the bright red brick of the outside along with the mural of some famous boxers, the restaurant aims to be a place for the community to gather, while still looking at the classic macho elements that make up boxing.

Most delis have similar elements, focusing on presenting themselves in an old-school manner. Knuckle Sandwich does something a bit different; however, it’s modern looking while still having old-school boxing memorabilia across its walls. There’s a feeling of “Wow, this is cool!” While the feeling is short, it’s actually interesting to come into, like a punch of history.

I can’t compare it to a lot of sandwich places as it is so different in how they do their menu. There are no size options, which, believe me, is not a concern. There are simple categories to help you tailor your experience to be exactly what you want. I have spent a fair deal of time there now. I can proudly say: yes, they have good sandwiches.

I had the meatball marinara and the Reuben sandwich, but, normally, I am not a fan of the latter. That changed when biting into the sandwich from the shop. The options that they offer are considerably different. There, I am able to get a meatball sandwich on jalapeno sourdough and even choose my own cheese to go on it. If their sandwiches are made into fine- tuned boxers of taste that beat your taste buds into joyful submission, then Knuckle Sandwich is the coach outside the ring screaming to hit em harder.

The Reuben is where it gets interesting for me. Normally, I’m not a fan of them. In the past, I’ve had them, and the texture just didn’t match up well for me. I ended up getting a Reuben there because, well, it’s the classic sandwich shop item. And, if there’s anyone who could get me to change my ways to something more in line with what you would want to see from a classic place, it’s a place that proudly stands by the art of boxing. I don’t think I was quite ready in my case. This is one of the few times I can say that something I don’t normally like tasted really good.

The sandwiches, while not boasting the length in inches that places like Jimmy John’s or Subway do, have a one-size kind of thing instead. It keeps it simple with the focus on the menu being the items themselves. All the sandwiches are extremely filling, with one being more than enough for most people. Couple that with a good variety of chips to choose from and a drink and you are doing pretty good, honestly.

Knuckle Sandwich also offers a delivery service that makes it a good option for hungry college students and faculty alike. If it isn’t clear by this point, I really like this place. It’s something new that has a spin on a very old-school idea which makes it really cool and fun place to go and grab a bite to eat.

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