The Student Activities Association hosted a virtual poetry slam on March 22 for students to showcase their poetry.  

This was the first time I had ever attended a poetry event. To me, poetry had always been boring to read and probably the least exciting pieces of literature. I always dreaded that section of my English classes, and they never made sense to me. This poetry slam changed my perspective. 

The event started off with poet Ashlee Haze performing one of her pieces about all the things that she is. This helped others shake off some nerves as they listened to her piece and realized there was no longer anything to be embarrassed about thanks to her poem. As Haze performed her piece, I realized that poetry doesn’t have to be so boring and unrelatable.  

During the slam, students performed beautiful poetry inspired by events in their lives. From heartbreak to empowerment, the poetry explored feelings that everyone has felt at some point in their lives. Some of the most powerful pieces were inspired by oppression of gay rights and racism. During every performance, people filled the chats with relatable quotes from the pieces being performed. 

Star Jackson’s piece won first place, and it was well earned. Her poetry gave everyone goosebumps and had everyone in attendance nodding in agreement about the issues of racism. Even I, usually so unfazed when it comes to poetry, was moved by her piece.

I learned that poetry is an underrated art. The performances were phenomenal, but very few people were there only to watch. Even though there were few spectators, the people in attendance made sure the poets felt all the love with zoom reactions. Hopefully, SAA can host another event like this in person so the love can be louder.

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