‘If we stop enjoying music, then it’s not success’

After Alazan, a local progressive rock band, is made up of Matthew Lucas and Miriam Galan. It’s new single, D.G.F. Inc., is now on Youtube, Spotify, ITunes, Pandora and more. The band has played at several venues around town, including The Bosslight and Purple Haze Vapes.

After Alazan is a local two-person progressive rock band whose members are Matthew Lucas, a 20-year- old vocalist from Douglass, and Miriam Galan, a 17-year- old instrumental writer and manager from Nacogdoches.

Galan and Lucas have been making music together for a year and a half and plan to make a career out of it. For Galan, music is a community that influenced her life.

“When I hit about the eighth grade I started going through troubles with people at my school and I started feeling incredibly lonely,” Galan said. “The family dynamics of music is what really got me. I started playing the guitar and found myself in a community to help me through my hard times.”

According to Lucas, the passion in music draws out emotion from people and can connect them to each other.

“Music is relating their experiences to other people in one of the most beautiful ways ever,” Lucas said. “We are on a constant tempo anyway. It is engraved in us. The first song we heard was our mother’s heartbeat inside the womb.”

According to Galan, being successful in the music industry is more than being famous. After Alazan works on their personal skills and sets goals to get better.

“If we stop enjoying music, then it’s not success,” Galan said. “I don’t have the urge for the entire world to know my name. I don’t know that we even want to be signed. With social media nowadays, you can be a musician without a label.”

After Alazan writes music in a collaborative way, believing you cannot have one without the other.

“Miriam writes the instrumentals and records it, then I will listen to it and add lyrics and vocals,” Lucas said. “The instrumentals are the bread and butter because without that, I would have nothing to put lyrics to. It’s all gold, and it just comes out like that.”

After Alazan has eight songs on Soundcloud, four studio versions and four live versions. They recently released a single called “DGF.”

“The song overall is overcoming a socially progressive situation,” Lucas said. “Maybe somebody hurt you and left you wondering how you should feel about it when, in reality, it shouldn’t get to you.”

According to Galan, the single had a positive effect on people, the chorus resonating with listeners. The chorus is “Hate me today, throw me away because I’ll never change, and I’m the only one coming back.”

“When I played the instrumental version for some people, they said that it just feels like an empowering kind of vibe that comes from it, especially the chorus,” Galan said. “Hopefully in November our new album will be out on Soundcloud as well.”

The road to success for After Alazan has just begun. There have been challenges to overcome and blessings to enjoy.

“Matthew and I think that we have chosen the life of being dedicated to this band,” Galan said. “Bands who have their original crew members are really rare. I think that me and Matthew are going to be the ones to really stick it out through all of this, whether or not members come and go.”

According to Galan, After Alazan plans to move to Richmond, Virginia, to play in bigger shows and advance in the Alternative community.

Local band talks industry, writing process, future plans

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