The Student Activities Association will host their first-ever Super Bowl Sunday event in the BPSC Theater. The organization wanted to give students a place to enjoy the game so they can relax from the stress of school and life, even just for a day.  

 “I was contemplating what I could possibly propose that would get people excited and unite the university community after the crazy experiences we all had in 2020,” SAA member Jayla Smith, a senior special education major from Houston, said. “Football is something that most people really love, so I knew hosting a Super Bowl watch party would be a big hit.”  

SAA will be following the same guidelines that are put into place for when movies are being shown. The capacity inside the theater is 150, students will be expected to wear masks at all times and seats will be blocked off between students. 

 “We have six to eight workers and the workers are going to be ushering people and making sure that they remain socially distanced and keep on their masks,” Ashley Bohanon, SAA Membership Coordinator and senior human resources management major from Chicago, IL, said.  

This is the first time SAA has hosted a Super Bowl event, and Smith hopes this will continue in the future. “I think this could be something really fun that the university community looks forward to every year,” Smith said.  

SAA hopes that students will come out to enjoy the game and the food provided.  

“We’re just really excited about the event happening and just hope that people come out because you know, everyone goes to watch the Super Bowl. But why not come see it in the movie theater where you got surround sound and free food?” Bohanon said.  

Planning and advertising for the event required a lot of attention and work. Reservations are set up for both the food and the theater, along with making sure all volunteers are available for the event.  

“With SAA, we have a certain style that we put on for each event,” Bohanon said. “We have a creative director where they create the flyers for us. And then we post them and we also create buttons. So that was my main contribution, we’re always making sure that the event got publicized as much as possible.”  

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