Can Skoller make you a better scholar?

Skoller is an app designed to help students be more organized and stay on top of their schoolwork. For people like me, this is very important and could potentially change my school life for the better. When seeing the app advertised on Instagram, I jumped on the chance to download it. I wondered to myself if this was the thing that could squash my forgetfulness, and after using it for about a week, I think it might have.

The way Skoller works is simple. The first thing I did was pick my school and select my class from the list. This enables people in the same class to be able to collaborate and talk about the class they are in. Since few people around campus use the app right now, there was only one class that I could pick right off the bat. The rest of the classes I had to enter in myself. However, Skoller makes this part very easy, and it is by far my favorite part about the app.

Skoller lets you send in your syllabus and enters it in the app for you. At first, I was skeptical about this and was worried that it would either put in my syllabi wrong or take a long time to put them in. To my surprise, it only took one night to have all my syllabi entered in, and they were all correct. This enables me to check my schedule for all my classes at once, very quickly and easily.

It is as simple as checking the assignment off when I am done with it. Some people have asked me, “Why don’t you just write it down in a planner?” I would reply that Skoller is much easier. Part of my problem, and I’m sure many other people’s, is that they don’t want to sit down and write down everything for every class in a planner. Skoller solves this problem and makes organization for people like me, a reality.

Another great feature that Skoller has is that you can input your grades and see your grades real time. This is extremely helpful because most professors don’t have your grade available to see.

Although I have just recently started to use Skoller, I have realized that it could be a great tool for me to use throughout the school year. Because I struggle with organization, having an app like Skoller to help me is a great thing to have access to.

I would recommend anyone who wants to stay on top of their classes and grades to download this app. It checks all the boxes in terms of it being a functional yet easy to use app, and best of all, it is free.

With the use of Skoller, my grades have gone up, and I haven’t missed any assignment yet. I hope to keep using this app, and I am excited to see the app grow across campus so more and more people can work together and communicate using the app.

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