With electronic entertainment being as prevalent as ever, a little bit of nostalgia can be found in the Wyatt Room of the Ralph W. Steen Library where groups huddle around board games, expressing delight in the occasional change of a lead.

The SFA GAME Club focuses solely on the fun and competition that can be gained by sitting around with friends and playing a game. The club holds sessions at 7:30 p.m. every Thursday in the Wyatt Room of the Library.

“The premise is for people to just come and play games,” said club President Tyler Zachary, a senior geology major. “We don’t charge dues. There’s no, ‘Oh, you need to show up every week.’ It’s just, ‘Oh, you have time? It’s a Thursday. Come out and play games.’”

The word “game” within the name of the club is an acronym, meaning “Games and Miscellaneous Entertainment.” Miscellaneous entertainment includes games such as Ultimate Werewolf, which do not require anything but a few cards, imagination and a nose for sniffing out the anonymous werewolves within the group. The club usually ends the night with this game.

“We are looking into branching into trading card games a little bit,” Zachary said. “For people, if they’re interested, there’s a time and a place for other people to do that as well.”

Vice President Zachary Rottman, a sophomore computer science major, became involved when he decided he wanted to recreate the gaming community he was involved with in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but soon found out the SFA GAME Club had been established. A goal for the club is to have 30 players at one event, a feat that was almost reached in their last session with 23 remaining players at the end of the night.

“It’s a godsend to have seen the few we started with for GAME Club,” Rottman said. “Having anyone else who enjoys board games as much as I do is like meeting up with family you never knew you had, instant friendship. It’s also great to have enthusiasts to help teach new players how to play the games we enjoy.”

Rottman said friendly learning environments are key to setting up good gaming communities, especially for board games. He encourages anyone to join and emphasizes that you don’t have to fit a specific stereotype just to play.

“I’ve played and enjoyed board games with people from all walks of life,” Rottman said. “You don’t have to be good at math, science, comics, video games or anything, really. Just be ready to socialize and learn a board game or two; you’ll be having fun in no time.”

Some of the games the group plays are Lords of Waterdeep, Monster Crunch, Splendor and more. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own games as well. In the past, the group has played Cards Against Humanity and Superfight.

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