Hi Nac Family,

My name is Winnie and I am a photographer in town. I went to SFA for both my bachelor and masters in social work. I met a boy, got married and now we live here. Currently, we are all living in a very wild, chaotic and messy time. Corona has taken so much from us. In the midst of all this time, I saw photographers all over Texas doing front porch photos. I decided to do the same and posted on Facebook in hopes to get positive answers of “YES!” from families, couples and individuals.

As a community, you said, “YES!” and blew me away. I felt so honored. At first, I was taking porch photos for me because I had missed people and needed to get out of my house. But, the moment I came to some of your front porches, my perspective was changed. You were excited to see another human and get to have a conversation and share your experience during this time, even if it was six feet away.

It has been so wonderful to hear all the new things you have learned about yourself, the hobbies you have picked up and the time you have had to slow down to clean out your closet/house to feel a little more organized. It has been nice to hear how you have adjusted to a new routine that works for you and your family.

Even though social distancing has been hard, it's nice to hear that YOU haven't stopped living. It's wonderful to know that you are discovering more about yourself and realizing there is so much more to you. Know that in every wild, messy season, something extraordinary comes out of it.

Thank you for allowing me to capture sweet memories of you during this time. My hope is, when you look back to the year 2020 years from now, you don't focus on the things you missed out. But, instead, see the time you gained to be with family, to invest a little more in yourself and discover a part of you, you didn't know existed.

With Peace and Rest,


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