Jon Wolfe performs at Banita Creek Hall

Jon Wolfe, country singer and songwriter, performs at Banita Creek Hall.  According to Wolfe, George Strait and Garth Brooks were people he looked up to as a child.

As Banita Creek Hall was being cleaned and getting ready to close down for the night, Jon Wolfe, country singer and songwriter, made his way back into the venue. Wolfe had just put on a show for a crowd of roughly 250 people and was coming back in to visit with the lingering audience members.

Wolfe played at Banita Creek Hall this past Thursday after being invited by owner Kevin White. Wolfe stops in Nacogdoches “twice a year” all due to the dance hall the city offers.  

“Banita Creek has a big history of bringing in great country singers and guys that go way back,” Wolfe said. “It really is one of the best dance halls in Texas in my opinion.”

However, Nacogdoches is not the only spot on his tour. The tour is mainly dedicated to the state of Texas, with many shows being held there. Tour dates can be found on Jon Wolfe’s tour site: With the tour schedule, Wolfe shared the main way he spent his time. 

“You wake up late,” Wolfe said, laughing. “You drink coffee. You sleep. Then, you eat lunch. You sleep some. Then, you do a little bit of work, then sleep some more.” 

In addition to the tour, Wolfe has been managing his new business, Juan Lobo Tequila. During the show, Wolfe announced Banita Creek Hall was the first establishment to sell the latest liquor. While Wolfe is trying to create a sound business, his passion lies within music.

 “I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and just fell in love [with] the country music,” Wolfe said.

During the concert, he played a couple songs by George Strait. According to Wolfe, George Strait and Garth Brooks were people he looked up to as a child.

“To me, country is about lyrics, melodies and emotion,” Wolfe said. “I just fell in love with the genre.”

He did not get started on music right away, as his career it took time. When he was younger, he did play guitar and sing. But, he mainly just continued through school. Once he graduated high school, Wolfe went to college received a degree.

“I did kind of take the traditional route a little bit,” Wolfe said. “[This is] what I tell a lot of people: Anything you do you have to be passionate about it, and you have to put a lot of hours into it. So, being a country singer is no different. Put in the time, make it your craft, practice makes perfect [and] keep working.”

Banita Creek Hall’s next concert will take place on Oct. 26 at the Nacogdoches Expo Center, hosting country band Flatland Cavalry opening for country singer Cody Jinks. Tickets can be bought off the website or at the hall. 

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