Photographer's guide on what to wear for senior photos

Senior photo season is right around the corner, and a big question on everyone’s mind is what to wear.

In order to look natural in your photos, wearing something that you feel yourself in and that’s comfortable to you is the best way to go. If you like wearing Converse or Vans, wearing heels might not be the best decision. These photos should capture who you are and what you love, not a fake version of yourself.

The traditional cap and gown combo is a popular choice for graduation photos, after all, you are graduating. Why not get decked out in your cap, gown, stole, class ring and cords? After four years of hard work, you’re going to want something special to look back on in a few years. 

If you’re taking photos with your cap, the tassel goes on the right before graduation and on the left after. Typically for graduation photos, the tassel should be on the left to show you have indeed graduated. 

For women, I suggest wearing a cute, fancier outfit under your gown. Colorful dresses or full skirts are very popular. You have to make that black gown stand out a little bit. If you’re more of a pants kind of gal, a jumpsuit is a great way to dress up and still feel comfortable. 

For men, I suggest wearing a button down and tie under your gown. Graduation is a formal event, after all. Your collar should stay tucked under your gown when it is zipped up. Since graduation is in May, and that’s basically summer in Texas, wearing a polo is still dressy enough and not quite as hot. 

It’s best to get your cap and gown sooner than later. Cap, gown and tassel packages start at around $25 at most bookstores around Nacogdoches, and stoles and cords do cost extra. It’s one final way to spend money on things you never really wanted, but have to buy anyway. 

If you are taking photos sans-gown, wear something that you love and is comfortable to you. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can’t go wrong with purple in your photos. Whether it’s a purple dress, a purple t-shirt or a purple tie, representing SFA’s colors is a great idea. You can even throw in some lumberjack plaid for good measure. 

If you are part of an organization, such as SAA, Driving Jacks or Greek life, getting pictures in a t-shirt that you loved from your organization is another option. You could also buy an alumni shirt to wear in your pictures. In a few short months, the words on your shirt will be true.

Always ask your photographer how many outfit changes are allowed in a shoot. It’s inconsiderate to show up with three or four outfits when your photographer only allows two. Your cap and gown usually counts as one outfit, and taking it off and wearing your formalwear by itself might count as an extra outfit. It’s better to be safe than sorry and clarify this with your photographers. All photographer’s policies differ. 

Just wear what you love, and you will shine in your photos. Congrats, Jacks!

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