REVIEW: Pizza not worth hype

A pepperoni pizza sits on display at Stoner’s Pizza Joint. There are three sizes to choose from, 10-inch, 14-inch and 18-inch, and toppings include Italian sausage, bacon, beef, ham, smoked chicken breast and many more.

A new pizza chain opened in Nacogdoches and has a unique store front: the inside of a convenience store called Sunshine Food Mart.

Stoner’s Pizza Joint opened on Feb. 20, and as a pizza lover, I knew I had to give it a try. There are not a lot of unique options for pizza in Nacogdoches. There are the obvious chain pizza places, such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Domino’s, and then there are other places that serve more than just pizza, such as Napoli’s. There’s also Urban Bricks, which is in the Baker Pattillo Student Center, but that can be a bit pricey.

When I heard that there would be a new pizza place opening right across from campus with deals, I had very high hopes. Sadly, Stoner’s Pizza Joint didn’t quite meet them.

I actually did not expect Stoner’s to be inside the convenience store. The outside of the store was familiar, since I pass it on the way to campus every day, but I had never been inside. The sight of pizza was the first thing I saw when I walked in, which was nice because I didn’t know if I was in the right place or not. I actually didn’t mind the fact that Stoner’s was inside the convenience store, because I was able to buy a bottle of water after I ordered my pizza.

A friend and I originally went for the two slices and a drink for $3.99, but we quickly found out that the deal is only from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 6 to 9 p.m. Instead, we bought a large pepperoni pizza and were on our way. After driving around for 20 minutes, we picked up our pizza and finally got to eat.

From the pictures on the Stoner’s Pizza Joint (Nacogdoches) Facebook page, I thought the pizza would be cheesy with soft crust, but instead I was greeted with lots of sauce and a not-so-memorable crust. Since I don’t like my pizza drowning in sauce, I wasn’t too excited for it. If you do like a lot of sauce with your pizza, then this would be perfect.

The sauce reminded me of pizza Lunchables, which threw me off. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything special, either. Once I finished my first slice, the sauce was a bit better.

For pizza crust, I usually like it to be soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, but what I got was a tough crust with no flavor or substance. Compared to Domino’s or Pizza Hut, where they offer different flavors of crust, this pizza didn’t hold up.

Stoner’s did offer plenty of deals to choose from that cater to many different people, from two slices and a drink to a large carryout pizza. This definitely put it on the same playing field in deals as the other larger pizza chains.

The one thing I did appreciate was the menu. While I just stuck to pizza, there were many different options, such as calzones, stromboli, breadsticks, wings, sandwiches and several different desserts.

Even though I didn’t enjoy the pizza, I did enjoy the atmosphere and the employees of Stoner’s Pizza Joint. Everyone who worked there was nice and genuinely seemed to care for their customers. I wouldn’t go back for the pepperoni pizza, but I would just to try the other menu items. Maybe I would enjoy one of those more.

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Really, you have nothing better to do than trash a small pizza joint that just opened and you complaining that its not some gourmet pizza made by Anthony Bourdain. What world do you live in that you would expect some masterpiece pizza from a GAS STATION. Get a life and eat ramen like the rest of us REAL college students. GO BETO!!!

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