Review: ‘The Maine’ releases feel good, emotional album

The Maine is an American rock band from Arizona that formed in 2007. They currently have seven albums, and their latest release titled “You Are Ok” was released on March 29. The band announced the album back in January and has released three singles before the album release.

I really loved their last studio album “Lovely Little Lonely,” and when I saw the announcement for this recent one, I was excited and knew it was going to be good. Overall my opinion of it is that it’s amazing, spectacular, show- stopping, talented and I could go on, but you get the point.

There isn’t a song that I don’t like, and that should say something about this album. Starting with the beginning track “Slip the Noose” all the way to the last “Flowers on the Grave,” this album gets you dancing as well as emotional. My favorite song is a tie between the single “Numb Without You” and “I Feel It All Over.”

With “Numb Without You,” I love the strings, which they use throughout the album, but it’s more focused on in this track. It also gives more emotion in the song, since the lyrics are about how the other person completes the singer. It’s also a good sing-along song and one that I know I will never get tired of.

The next song “Feel It All Over” is so amazing I can’t think of other words; that’s how good it is. Right from the beginning, the intro’s beat is so prominent and consistent throughout the song that it’s natural to get into it. There isn’t really any token slow songs except for “Broken Parts,” which actually has a hopeful message throughout. Same goes for the song “Forevermore,” as its acoustic melody shows the vulnerability of the singer.

One brilliant thing about the album is the connection between the last and first song. Once the last song “Flowers on the Grave” finishes the last chorus it starts to change tempo and then the lyrics, “I was on the verge of breaking down Then you came around” start to repeat until the song finishes.

At first listening through I just thought ‘oh nice, that’s an interesting way to end the album,’ and right when the album started again with the first song “Slip The Noose” it hits you with the lyrics “Break down, hysteric and young Uncomfortably numb. Then you sent my pain into oblivion I was on the verge of breaking down. Then you came around, and not a second too late,” is when it hits that this was musical genius. Each time I listen through the album and it gets to that part I still get chills.

I know I have only said good things about this album, but it truly is an amazing album and I can’t express that enough.

I am a little biased, as I have been a fan of The Maine for a while, but honestly this album busted through my expectations in a good way. If you like music that makes you feel good, heartbroken and all around emotional, but in the end there’s a feeling of all over euphoria, then this is the album for you.

Junior at SFASU Current Opinions Editor for the Pine Log

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