End of Evergreen brings rock ’n’ roll to the Piney Woods

Nacogdoches is known for both its beautiful pines and scenic trails, but it’s also known for its hidden local talent. One of those hidden talents is End of Evergreen, a local Rock/ Metal band that originated here in Nacogdoches by former student Chance Hill from Round Rock and current student Jonah Long, a sophomore business major from Hallsville.

The pair both went to the same high school together in Hallsville. Throughout their time in high school, Hill and Long were a part of many punk rock cover bands. Throughout these experiences, the two friends had always had the dream of writing their own music and playing on their own.

The idea of forming a band came from Long. After coming to SFA and meeting bassist Reid Lewis, a sophomore computer science major and high school friend from Longview, and lead guitarist, Jakeb Copeland from Henderson, End of Evergreen was born.

According to Hill, “Evergreen” is a reference to the famed Nacogdoches pines. The name as a whole is a metaphor for when they are successful and moving on from Nacogdoches. It symbolizes them “leaving the pine curtain.”

Being in a band while managing school and work can be hard, especially for the two members who are SFA students, but that is where the other band members come in to take some of the load off.

“The two of us who are not [students] are able to work on our own time and make up for what the other two cannot,” Hill said. “Then, we all come together, and we are still able to collaborate just as efficiently as if we were all in school or all not.”

Lewis, who is a full-time student, also has to face his own set of challenges. While he may have to worry about rent and other expenses, one of the biggest issues he faces is finding a balance between his academics and being in the band.

“Sometimes I may spend too much time on the band, so I do need to come back and balance my academics,” Lewis said.

The challenges may be different for the band members, but one thing that remains the same is their love and joy for music and what they do. Hill described it as a form of expression, and playing music was his opportunity to be his true self.

“I feel more myself when I am behind a mic, and I have a guitar in my hands,” Hill said. “I would not trade that feeling for the world, honestly.”

Hill also said that being in a band is not about being big, it is about having as much fun as you possibly can. Of course, any band hopes and dreams to be popular and make it to the big stage, and End of Evergreen is no different.

“I think it would be amazing if we got big and went on a tour with a big band even as an opener,” Lewis said. “But, that will take a while.”

The band has currently played at a couple local spots in Nacogdoches such as Purple Haze Vapes and Lugnutz Bar & Grill. They have also played outside of town in San Marcos.

According to Hill, they have plans to play in Austin at the end of March and are also planning a tour toward the end of summer where they will play in different cities around Texas and part of Louisiana. It is safe to say we have not heard the end of End of Evergreen any time soon.

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