“The Nun” is the fifth chapter of “The Conjuring” series. Most of them were very good for the most part, but this chapter was the exception. The events in this film take place before “Annabelle” and both “Conjuring” movies. 

I really, really wanted to like this movie. The first time I saw the Nun character was in “The Conjuring 2,” and it was terrifying. I was scared out of the theatre seat. So, when I heard they were making the nun its own movie, I couldn’t wait to see it. 

The film starts in a dark hallway where two nuns desperately try to contain some type of evil. This scene worked very well in capturing the audience’s attention and getting me excited that this was hopefully going to be a very scary movie. 

As the setting fast forwards to 1953, we begin to meet our main characters; Frenchie, Father Burke and Sister Irene. 

I really loved the cast. It includes Demian Bichir as Father Burke, Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene and Jonas Bloquet as Frenchie. The thing I found to be interesting is that they used Taissa Farmiga, who is actually Vera Farmiga’s youngest sister. Vera Farmiga plays the character of  Lorraine Warren in the “Conjuring” movies. I liked that because I saw a resemblance in the girls throughout the movie, and it reminded me in some sort of way that all movies were connected. 

The events took place in Romania in a cursed abbey where an evil lived. The setting was dark the entire movie, which made it easy for me to look at the background to see if anything appeared. There were a lot of jumps throughout the film that made me squeeze my partner’s hand, but most of them I saw coming. 

What really disappointed me was seeing characters fight off possessed zombies. I thought that was overused. We’ve seen enough of that over the recent years with “The Walking Dead” and other TV shows. I was very disappointed to see it in this movie. I also felt like Frenchie’s role in the movie was just to save the father and the nun. But his role in the movie does make sense at the end. 

I also thought that most things that happened in the story were almost impossible and felt very rushed. I felt as if the writers wanted to hurry up and move to the next scene. Spoiler alert: (kind of) There’s a scene in the movie when Sister Irene wakes up from a nightmare and finds Father Burke in a seemingly impossible location. If you haven’t seen the movie yet I don’t want to spoil anything, but I feel like it would have been impossible for a real person to find Father Burke’s location; buried six feet under in a grave. The writers made Sister Irene have a “vision” and she quickly found him.  I felt like in real life this would have never happened. But alas, it is just a movie. 

What I most liked about the movie was the soundtrack. I think that’s what really kept me at the edge of my seat in the scary scenes. I saw this movie in IMAX to get the full experience, so when the nun appeared in the movie there was loud, scary choir music. I felt like that was a very great element in the movie. 

Overall, “The Nun” had really great potential. It could have been very scary like the previous chapters, but I feel the point was totally missed. In “The Conjuring 2,” I was so scared of the nun character, but after watching the film this weekend, I am no longer scared of the nun. This makes me disappointed because the commercials said “Don’t watch this alone,” and I feel like I could. Sadly, this movie gets a 3/10 rating from me. 

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