Late 90s boy-band artist gone solo sensation Jesse McCartney is coming off of his latest single, “Wasted” that dropped in September. McCartney will be kicking off his The Resolution tour in January.

In the meantime, McCartney performed at SFA’s Homecoming bonfire, which started off late due to technical difficulties and paused at one point later due to a medical emergency in the crowd.

The singer ended the show and the night with an encore performance of “Beautiful Soul.” 

Q: Talk to me about the inspiration behind your come back after a four-year musical hiatus.

A: I think for me I just wanted to make music again. It is my first love, it’s my passion and it’s most of what I know. I did take some time to go explore some other things, see the world, pick up a few hobbies. I’m killer at B-B-Q now. I watched a million YouTube videos for a year on how to smoke [on a pit] so I can hang with the best smokers down here in Texas.

Q: I know you just released two new singles, “Better with You” and “Wasted,” are you planning on releasing another single anytime soon?

A: Yeah probably by the end of the year or early next year. I’d like to release one more maybe before the tour kicks off. 

Q: Speaking of your upcoming tour, The Resolution Tour, are you planning on having any special guests with you and are you planning on doing anything different from the Better with You Tour?

A: Certainly, visually and musically there will be some new surprises. I don’t want to give too much away but as far as collabs go there aren’t any immediate plans to be totally honest. I’m just now finishing this college run, and when I get home right after Thanksgiving I’m going to start putting my tour together. So I’m not quite certain what’s going to happen but it’s always full of surprises and we always find a way to come up with cool and exciting things that are new.

Q: I noticed the last tour you did was named after your single, “Better with You.” Is your upcoming tour named after your next album?

A: I don’t know. You’re asking tricky ones, ones I can’t reveal quite yet. I think mainly though the reason we named it The Resolution Tour is because it’s two weeks into the new year and 2019. So we’re calling it that to just coincide with the time of the year. And whether or not it will be the name of the album remains to be seen.

Q: How has your style of music changed since your “Beautiful Soul”/ “Leavin’” days?

A: It’s kind of come full circle. I think the new music reminds people of “Beautiful Soul” in some regards and “Wasted” reminds people of “Leavin.” Sonically they are very similar just with newer production. I’ve kind of taken some left turns. My third album was a little more R&B, rhythmic-based and urban-based. And now I’ve kind of fallen back into the singer-songwriter vibe. I think as an artist you have to try new things. I even wrote some country songs in Nashville and actually sang with a country twang. You have to keep it fresh and try new things. 

Q: Lastly, I would like to dive into your acting career. Most notably you played JR Chandler on “All My Children,” and more recently you played Cooper Finley on “Young and Hungry” and as Reed on “Fear the Walking Dead.” Are you planning on doing anything in the acting realm soon?

A: Right now? No not really. That’s really why I took a lot of music time off because I was doing a lot of television. I wish there were two or three of me, because I could cover all the bases. But at the moment everything is music driven. I have to focus on finishing the record [album] and getting ready for this next tour. So at the moment acting is on hold but I’ll get back to it. That’s why I’m always taking a couple years off one thing or another because you can’t be in multiple places at once.

McCartney performs at Homecoming after dropping single ‘Wasted’

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