NAC 360

Nac 360 is a free app that shines a spotlight on entertaining attractions in the Nacogdoches area.

The Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel released an app in May of 2014 for visitors and residents of Nacogdoches called Nac 360. Almost a year later, Nac 360 features a new design and far more information for users. Nac 360 is free for both iPhone and Android and provides suggestions for things to do both on campus and around Nacogdoches.

The app alerts users to local news via The Daily Sentinel and makes it convenient to find something to do on a Saturday night. Nac 360 makes it easy for SFA students to look up things like main campus phone numbers and sports schedules all in one place. There’s also a section that lists the 2013 and 2014 “Best of Nac” winners for people, places, and food and drink, which are chosen by The Daily Sentinel’s readers annually. The app’s handy search feature sifts through listings that include places to eat, stay, shop and play. Nac 360 also provides updates on the Big Nac music festival, which will be held March 5-8 and will feature musical acts like Reckless Kelley and Kasey Landsdale. Each performer’s profile includes a description, and some include pictures and music videos. Ticket prices, performance schedules and venue information can all be found on Nac 360. Events like the Nacogdoches Film Festival have also been highlighted on the app, and event calendars can be found under the “Play” button for places like Banita Creek Hall, the SFA Fine Arts department, and Maklemore’s.

Other listings include nightlife, attractions, sports and outdoors. Visitors to the oldest town in Texas can find everything from ATMs to car rental services using Nac 360. Local numbers are also listed for visitors who may need auto care, medical care or emergency services. If you’re in a hurry or just want to grab a bite somewhere close, the “Around Me” button will use your phone’s location to find businesses nearby. Most listings have phone numbers, Google Maps links and a list of accolades awarded to the business. Spaces for basic business listings on the app are free and can be upgraded to include media and GPS capabilities at any time. Businesses interested in listing with Nac 360 should contact Robin Land at The Daily Sentinel. 

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