REVIEW: Unique eatery offers Asian fusion cuisine

Barkeeps, Maklemore’s sister restaurant, invites guests to try the Asian fusion cuisine. According to the new business’ website, there is a “huge craft beer” selection available with a large selection of wine, as well.

Barkeeps Eatery and Taps is a new restaurant in Nacogdoches offering a unique option of Asian fusion cuisine.

Barkeeps, located at 3308 North St., opened a few weeks ago and already has a lot of positive buzz.

I decided to try it myself as someone who loves most foods. My expectations were positive, and I wasn’t let down when it came to the food.

The building is an old Chinese restaurant, and the outside of the restaurant has remained the same for the most part. The inside is surprisingly spacious and very well lit. There is an ample amount of seating, but the decorations as a whole look surprisingly plain. One thing that stood out was the interesting light fixtures.

The menu is relatively short, but that could easily be attributed to it being a new place. The owner, according to Barkeeps’ Facebook page, is also the owner of Maklemore’s, and they also have a relatively small menu. But why does that matter if your options are good? For me that’s the case with Maklemore’s, but that’s still up for debate with Barkeeps. One thing that stood out to me was great selection of vegetarian and vegan items.

For an appetizer, I ordered samosas, which is a vegetarian fried pastry with savory filling, like spiced potatoes, onions, peas and spices. It came with different dipping sauces, and my date and I definitely enjoyed them. I could probably order more of them as just my entree.

For my entree, I had Chicken Curry, an Indian dish served with rice, garlic naan and a yogurt mixture on the side. The whole meal was very filling and so fantastic. I thought it was plenty of food for the price and something unlike a lot of other places you could find in Nacogdoches. As a newcomer to Indian food, I think it was a great first dish.

My date ordered the crab fried rice and, although he enjoyed it, we both agreed it was pretty under whelming compared to my dish. It didn’t taste particularly amazing, but it was a good portion of rice.

We didn’t order drinks, but the menu looked very promising—really interesting options and flavors that stand out from the go-to frozen margaritas that are usually offered in restaurants around town.

Despite some things, the meal was a success, in my opinion. Although I love places like Shali’s Indian Kitchen on Wheels for Indian Food and Peking for Chinese food. Barkeeps Eatery and Taps offers a clean, sophisticated place to get unique and tasty food.

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