On the same weekend as the Battle of the Piney Woods, students in the American Marketing Association and AdHoc, organizations specializing in art, mass communication and marketing, traveled to Houston to compete in a conference and competition sponsored by AAF, American Advertising Federation. 

Starting on Friday and ending Saturday, this event had students come together from colleges throughout Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Upon arrival, participants split to form teams of 10 to 12. Each group had eight hours to create a media plan for an agency which included making radio ads, television ads, a commercial, new logos, social media opportunities and press releases.

“I liked working with students from all around Texas,” senior Emily Jensen said. “It was fun to be in such a time crunch, freaking out about the deadline and having this array of talent in one room working on a project. We were all working together in this limited time, not worrying about anything else except pulling this assignment together.”

Despite being short on time, participants worked together to fulfill the challenge with great results.

“I loved the rush of completing this assignment on such a deadline—it was really a thrill. I wish I had done this earlier in my college career; this was the only time I could participate, as I’m graduating in December, but it would be amazing to do again,” Jensen said.

This year over 260 students participated in the conference.

At the end of the competition, awards were given for the best overall plans.

“I was so surprised to win third place. It’s such an honor to be a part of an amazing team that produced a good campaign,” Jensen said. “We were struggling toward the end, but ultimately made a great campaign.”

Other students who placed included: Emma Causey, who placed third as well; Josh Pingenot, who placed second; and Daniel Karnafel, who placed first. Causey, Pingenot and Karnafel were all sponsored by AdHoc. Jensen was the only one to place from AMA.

“We are so proud that SFA had students on the first, second and third place teams,” Dr. Linda Bond, AdHoc adviser, said.

In addition to the competition, the conference allowed attendants to receive professional help by critiques and experience. 

“Our students learn how to apply what they’ve learned at SFA and use their own abilities to create a campaign,” Bond said. “There were also resume and portfolio reviews and networking opportunities with advertising professionals.”

After the conference, students left excited and relieved to be done with their project.

“I would do it again if I could,” Jensen said.

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